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  1. Hello Terry,

    Found you via a google search for how to repost an ad in Craigslist.

    Then came here to your page. I dig you vibe – focus on saving the rainforest – critical to the earths survival on many levels, enjoy your humor, the UFO’s all of it.

    Now, I see you are into Shaklee – tres cool – you dig network marketing.

    I’ll put my self right out there. I work with a veteran of the biz who has built 4 separate sales orgs of 100K – see his story here: http://www.larrywerts.com/about.

    He is in his early 60’s and has done a lot of his life, worked with and owned amazing biz’s.

    I found him 3 weeks ago, and he told me he’d dropped everything to focus on a company that has innovated in the cutting edge space of adult stem cell technology.

    They are talking about repairing DNA. It’s nothing short of revolutionary. And the co. has only just begun to rollout their pipline of products – so all the MOST impactful products are yet to come, however, they are leveraging off of their first co.’s success (which continues presently) of doing over 100M / yr.

    The new co. is already at 4M/ month, and 95% of that is in Asia for reasons I can explain. So the field is very wide open.

    Corp HQ is in Florida. The CEO sold 300M+ of computer equipment to NASA years ago. These folks are brilliant in all aspects.

    I would suggest you at least take a look and become aware of these folks (if you haven’t already). Their space if the equivalent of the discovery of electricity, the invention of the car, etc.

    Here is the bio of Chief Medical Adviser to the Board:

    I sincerely hope you would do me the honor of getting to know you better, and at the least, making a friendly contact.

    You can find my mug on FB at: https://www.facebook.com/brad.howat


  2. Terry,i tried your 2009 info about posting to craigslist 7 it didn’t work. There is no longer a post button on the right side of the screen. Did I miss a step or did it change/


    Rick salter

  3. HI Rick,
    wow, it was 2009 when I did that? Can you tell me which video or post you are referring to? (i’m guessing craigslist 7 is a typo).
    CL has changed a lot over the years – much of it caused by unethical spammy internet marketers without a clue.
    The latest update CL has done is it no longer lets you link outside images – such as photobucket or flickr – to an ad on Craigslist. Instead you have to upload directly to CL. I have a suspicion they did htat as well so to help crack down on bogus pics/inappropriate content.
    Like some people would just host an entire ad as a jpg instead of any actual text in order to thwart the spambots.

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